Ditch those messy spreadsheets and feel what it's like to use a scheduling tool you’ll actually love using!

StaffUp Shift Scheduling has been designed from the ground up to cater to the needs of staffing agencies. We make sure you, your workers, and your clients are all kept in the loop automatically so everyone gets what they need, when they need it.


We understand the nuances in this business that make “general market” scheduling apps inadequate for your needs. Your firm is coordinating shifts among dozens or even hundreds of clients, some with multiple locations - each with their own unique nuances. You need a solution that can handle this type of complexity without skipping a beat.


How long does it take you to fill a shift right now? How many phone calls, emails and text messages are involved before your team, the worker, and the client all have what they need? What happens when something changes? StaffUp Scheduling makes all of this 10 times easier on you. Most of the redundant tasks you perform today will be completely automated so the time you do spend with clients and candidates is focused on the things that actually matter.


It's not enough to fill a shift with just anyone. You need to know that your workers have the proper documentation and credentials, and that you aren’t going to be in hot water later down the road. By combining StaffUp Scheduling with StaffUp Onboarding, shift scheduling becomes even more powerful. We’ll automatically surface the most qualified workers for each shift based on credentials, location, availability, preference and more.


Effective scheduling is all about great communication. That’s why we don’t leave your clients out of the equation when it comes to your daily workflows. Depending on your preferences, you can make it easy for clients to submit shift requests, monitor those requests, and even track daily confirmations without you sending a separate email or placing a phone call. We call it the client portal, our clients call it genius.


It takes a lot of time to onboard a new worker and get them setup for shifts. Once you have them engaged, it's important to keep them working week after week, month after month. StaffUp scheduling helps to ensure that new shifts are always ready for your workers even before their current shift has ended. We’ll keep your redeployment rates so high, your workers won’t ever need to look elsewhere for new shifts.

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